Identifying the Worst Effects Among Heroin Abusers

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Heroin is a highly addictive drug semi-synthetic opioid drug. This central nervous system depressant is one of the highly abused illegal drugs in United States. According to a survey by NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health) in 2008, there was an increase in Heroin abuse in teenagers from 153,000 in 2007 to 213,000 in 2008. Around 114,000 aged 12 or older used Heroin for the first time in 2008. These statistics clearly state that many people are getting addicted to this harmful drug which has numerous negative effects on the abusers.

Many harmful effects such as miscarriages, heart infections, death from overdose, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis etc., are associated with Heroin abuse. Following are the worst effects among Heroin abusers:

Ugly features in appearance
Heroin abusers will have very ugly physical appearance. They appear skinny, unkempt and less hygienic. The person's veins will be collapsed, will have keloids, pus discharge from the scars all over the body due to regular injection of the drug.

Droopy stance
Heroin addicts appear drowsy or very much relaxed. They have trouble sitting, standing or changing positions. They appear lost in their own world. They have to drag themselves to walk, as they feel some heaviness in their legs and arms.

Constricted pupils
When the human eye is exposed to bright light, there is constriction of pupil to prevent aberrations due to light rays. Due to aging, the pupil naturally becomes smaller and does not open wide in dim light, but Heroin abusers will have constricted pupils which do not respond to changes in light. Pin point pupils are observed in Heroin addicts during overdose.

Poor hygiene
Heroin addicts do not take proper care of themselves. They do not take shower regularly or change their garments. The person will no longer fix hair or perform other grooming tasks. Heroin smokers have very poor dental hygiene. They suffer with many diseases which result due to poor hygiene.

Runny nose
Heroin abusers who snort Heroin are much prone to respiratory problems. They have runny nose with heavy mucous discharge. Their nose appears to be red. They have flu like symptoms.

Watery eyes
A Heroin addict will have watery eyes. They also have dark circles around their eyes. More amount of snorting Heroin may lead to ocular candidiasis.

Slurred speech
One can easily identify a Heroin abuser by his slurred speech. As the Heroin abusers will always be in trance like state, they have problems while speaking. It may be due to the depression of nervous system by Heroin.

Pale clammy skin
The Heroin abusers will have cool, moist and pale skin. It is because of lack of proper nutrition and hygiene. It also may be due to fall in blood pressure and heart rate which will result in improper blood supply. Chronic Heroin abusers have bluish skin and nails.

Not active in attitude
Heroin abusers are always drowsy or in a trance like state. They have lethargy and apathetic attitude towards their education, family or work. They have attention and concentration deficits. They even neglect their important tasks which results in declined performance at school, college or work.

Above mentioned are only just a few of the worst effects of Heroin abuse. It has many other harmful effects on vital organs like kidneys, liver, lungs and skin. The Heroin abusers are much prone to viral infections because of unsafe use of needles. Therefore, it is better to avoid Heroin than suffering with the dangerous effects of abuse.

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Identifying the Worst Effects Among Heroin Abusers
Identifying the Worst Effects Among Heroin Abusers
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