Cannabis Facts

 • Cannabis is a psychotropic result of the plant Cannabis sativa. Plants are considered to have been used thousands of years ago for medical reasons, religious and social. Stem of these plants (which are not potent form of cannabis) used to make hemp rope, string, paper, textiles and clothing.

• There are male and female cannabis plant. Concentration of the psychoactive chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the highest found in the female plants flower buds.

• This drug is widely used by the possibility of adverse effects is relatively low compared with heroin, alcohol and tobacco.

• There is a difference of opinion among experts regarding the ability of cannabis cause physical dependence. Physical dependence may be associated with frequent cannabis use.

• There are three forms of cannabis: marijuana, hashish (hashish) and hashish oil. Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers on the cannabis plant and its effects are generally the lightest of the three forms of cannabis. Hashish form a thick layer of oil on top of the interest taken and printed as a lump of dry resin. Hashish higher THC concentrations resulting in a great effect. Hashish oil is the distillation of resin cannabis plant and is the strongest of all kinds of cannabis.

• Marijuana is usually smoked in cigarettes are rolled by hand, or use the pipe. This type is concentrated hashish, or hashish oil, often smoked with ordinary cigarettes or incorporated into foods such as cakes or biscuits and edible.

• The impact varies due to several factors related to the nature of the user, how to use, type and frequency of cannabis and the cannabis use. Some effects can include euphoria, relaxed, stress and pain relief, appetite increases, the destruction of the ability to move, confusion, loss of concentration and diminished motivation.

• Securities acquired usually peak within 30 minutes and can last for three hours.

• Withdrawal symptoms after prolonged use can include headaches, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

• As with other combustion products, cannabis contain substances that cause cancer, tar and carbon monoxide. This can lead to respiratory disease, cardiovascular effects and cancer. Cannabis cigarette contains a number of tar and other toxic substances similar to the 14-16 filter cigarettes.
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Cannabis Facts
Cannabis Facts
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