Early Child Drug User Side Effect

Effect depends on the dose of narcotics usage, typical applications, previous usage and user expectations. Apart from medical uses to treat pain, cough and acute diarrhea, narcotics produce a feeling of "more favorable", known as euphoria by reducing psychological stress. This effect can lead to dependence. physical signs, can be seen from the sign - the physical signs of the user, such as:

    1. red eye

    2. dry mouth

    3. brownish colored lips

    4. unnatural behavior

    5. garbled speech

    6. the memory decline

There was a sign of early child who has been using narcotics can be seen from several things, among others:

    1. child becomes moody and reclusive
    2. child's face was pale and haggard
    3. there is a strange smell unusual in a child's room
    4. watery eyes and his hands tremble
    5. spur gasping breath and sleep
    6. his listless and restless
    7. the child became irritable, angry, defiant people

General characteristics of children of drug users

     1. Smoking in early adolescence

     2. Tend to withdraw from family events and more fun to confine in their room.

     3. Hanging out with friends until late at night and rarely even go home

     4. Often have fun at parties, discos and gathered at the mall

     5. Irritable, selfish, and do not want disturbed by a parent or family

     6. Avoidance of responsibility appropriate, lazy completing routine tasks at home

Decreased learning achievement, are often absent or late to school
Aberrant behaviors such as juvenile delinquency began, stealing, promiscuity and casual sex in groups with friends who like to get drunk
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Early Child Drug User Side Effect
Early Child Drug User Side Effect
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