Painless cure for heroin withdrawal

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The best way to get through heroin withdrawal is to keep in mind that when it comes to drug addiction, heroin is one of worst drugs to be addicted to. In other words you're to have to face up to the fact that heroin withdrawal is one of the worst conditions that a drug addict can suffer from.

First thing you need to know is that heroin withdrawal is very intense and can cause the addict to become very sick.

Heroin is probably the most powerful opiate there is. When a person becomes addicted to heroin, they need the drug to function. In their mind they think they are okay but in reality they are not. That is normal with any narcotic and opiate that a person may be addicted to.

Heroin withdrawal can kick in anywhere from 6 to 24 hours after discontinuation of the drug and the intensity can be determined by the amount last used and how dependent a person may be on the drug. I used to start to get sick right around 6 hours after my last dose.

Symptoms of heroin withdrawal range from sweating, anxiety, depression, pains in the limbs, excessive yawning and tiredness, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and fever. The bad thing about this conditional and addiction is that the drugs used to treat the symptoms are also known to contain opiates.

In all reality, a person who becomes heavily addicted and dependent on heroin is setting themselves up to become very sick and a very unhealthy person.

Cure for a painless heroin withdrawal

Usually when a person is addicted to heroin and is trying to get over it or in other words stop using heroin, they are usually prescribed drug treatments such as Valium, Clonidine, or Methadone. They are aimed at calming the anxiety and the physical pains that may arise from withdrawal. The bad thing is that a person can become addicted to these drugs as well. This is the main reason that heroin addiction is so much of a battle to conquer.

The thing is in order to be treated with any type or medication you will have to enter a heroin addiction rehab. They a nurses or medical assistants will administer medications to help make you through a painless heroin withdrawal detox. With the relatively new release of new medications these days they mostly use subutex and suboxone. This process takes around 5 or 6 days.

In my opinion it is very important that you follow this up with residential treatment. This will prepare you for when you re enter society to remain drug free.

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Painless cure for heroin withdrawal
Painless cure for heroin withdrawal
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