Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse, involves the excessive and repeated use of a substance to escape reality to produce pleasure despite its destructive effects. The substances abused can be illegal drugs such as opium, cocaine, marijuana and their derivatives or legal substances used improperly, such as prescription drugs and inhalants like nail polish or gasoline.

Drug addiction can be physical, psychological, or both. Physical dependence refers to the physiological effects of drug use. On the other hand, using a drug to numb unpleasant feelings, to relax, or to satisfy cravings are examples of psychological addiction. Physical addiction is characterized by ‘tolerance’ - the need for increasingly larger doses in order to achieve the initial effect and withdrawal symptoms when the user stops.
Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse: -

The more drug use begins to affect and control a person's life, the more likely it is that he or she has a drug problem. Drug abusers often try to conceal their symptoms and downplay their problem. However, there are a number of warning signs you can look for:

· Engaging in secretive or suspicious behaviors, such as making frequent trips to the restroom, basement, or other isolated areas where drug use would be undisturbed.

· Talking incoherently or making inappropriate remarks.

· Sudden changes in work or school attendance and quality of work or grades.

· Talking about drugs all the time and pressuring others to use.

· Angry outbursts, mood swings, irritability, manic behavior, or overall attitude change.

· Expressing feelings of exhaustion, depression, and hopelessness.

· Deterioration of physical appearance and grooming.

· Frequently borrowing money, selling possessions, or stealing items from employer, home, or school.

· No longer spending time with friends who do not use drugs and/or associating with known users.

The path to drug addiction begins with the act of taking drugs. Compulsive, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of negative consequences characterize drug addiction. It is easier to prevent and stop drug addiction during the initial stages before a person becomes compulsively addicted to drugs.

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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse
Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse
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