Cocaine Facts

• Residents of South America has a history of chewing coca leaves for thousands of years but it was only known to Europeans since the 19th century. Coca leaf neuropemancar affect multiple systems in the brain and enterprising in some anatomical parts of the central nervous.

 • Cocaine is made chemically by managing and working on coca plant that turns the leaves into coca paste. The paste is processed with hard water (hydrochloric acid) to remove impurities and produce cocaine hydrochloride in the form of white crystals.

• Cocaine is the most potent stimulant drug.

• If the coca leaf chewed or cooked into a tea that is drunk, cocaine is actually considered to be harmless but it is rarely available in this form than in South America.

• There is a conflict between the authorities and researchers about the addictive properties of cocaine. Although some claim that the cocaine pose a high risk of developing physical and physiological dependence, many researchers suggest that cocaine does not create a physical dependence.

• How to sniff cocaine can include breathing through the cavity (the effect of the attacks began after 2-4 min); smoking or "freebasing" (burn the crystal and suck the smoke; effects of the attacks began after 10-15 seconds) and injected (the effect of the attack begins after 15-20 seconds).

• Effects of cocaine lasting 10-40 minutes depending on the purity and how to use.

• Behavior that is prevalent during under the influence of cocaine can include hyperactivity, gaiety, and powerful, alertness, confidence and increased sexual activity. Users can also behave no fixed opinion, feel invincible and be aggressive and quarrelsome.

• Conditions that can shut down can occur from a high sensitivity to cocaine or a massive overdose.

• A few hours after last use, a sense of upheaval and depression may occur.

• There is a high risk of HIV transmission through repeated injections taking turns injecting equipment, and through sexual intercourse is no longer protected by condoms.
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Cocaine Facts
Cocaine Facts
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