Opium Facts

• The only source of opium is the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). And healing the psychological effects of opium known to approximately 4,000 years.

• With incise head poppies, farmers can tap sticky brown sap from egg-shaped tubers. Raw opium sap contains 7-15 percent of morphine, which can easily be precipitated from the sap of the poppy only by boiling. Raw opium has a strong distinctive smell and spicy.

• opiate receptors in the brain causing addiction to high physiological and psychological dependence durable. The use of a regular increase tolerances and the need for more and more drugs that.

• The use of opium in Western countries decreased significantly but opium is still used widely among ethnic minorities in mountainous areas in China, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, for medical or recreational purposes.

• Opium can make a great euphoria, increased comfort, imagination and spoke higher. Immediately after use, slowed breathing, imagination and thought processes down into chaos. Lethargy, relaxation and deep sleep usually follow.

• Usually smoked but can be chewed or cooked with food. Especially in his native country, opium drunk as tea.

• opium pipe handle has a thick and long with a head bowl on the end. 'Grain' opium is placed in a bowl, heated and inhaled the smoke.

• The precipitate or residue left in the suction devices contain up to eight per cent of morphine, and this often re-used, referred to as black water opium. Form of opium is still popular, especially in Vietnam and Cambodia.

• Sucking opium direct active elements in the blood stream more quickly, through the lungs, so getting to the brain in approximately seven seconds.

• Long-term use resulting in a decline in mental and physical abilities, as well as loss of appetite and weight.
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Opium Facts
Opium Facts
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