3 Years Old Boy Alcohol Addict

A three-year-old boy had to undergo intensive treatment in hospital due to the deteriorating physical condition. Over the last six months, infants turned out to have regular alcohol intake.

As quoted from the pages of the Telegraph, the boy who hid his identity became the youngest of the row alcoholics in the UK.

He was one of 13 children aged under 13 years who were diagnosed as alcoholics in the UK, during 2008 to 2010. In the same period, the number of addicts among teens ages 13 to 16 years reached 106 children.
Nicholay Sorensen, a spokesman for an alcohol addiction treatment agency said, "diagnosed as an alcoholic is clear potential to cause serious health problems in children. This is terrible and become a serious concern for the protection of children. "

Conveyed similar concerns Sarah Matthews, an activist from an institution in the UK liver treatment. "This case just amazing and I hear there is such a small child was addicted to alcohol."

For Sarah, there's no reason that can be used as justification for giving a toddler alcohol. In addition to bad parenting parents, he blames the various forms of liquor promotions that make people often ignorant of the bad effects on health.

While in Indonesia, a boy aged two years of opium smoking. This boy from South Sumatra to the media spotlight last year with his custom to spend 40 cigarettes a day. This stems from the fad opium parents who gave him cigarettes at the age of six months. However, the intensive care begins to heal this boy from the deadly opium.
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3 Years Old Boy Alcohol Addict
3 Years Old Boy Alcohol Addict
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