Danger of Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is the Flowering tops of the plants' hennep "Cannabis sativa, but better known as Narcotic content in the seeds, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the which can the make the user experience of euphoria (feeling happy prolonged without cause).

Working power of marijuana, Suppress brain activity by Causing a situation like a dream, give a feeling of ease and comfort. In Addition, helpless analgetis marijuana based on a mechanism That resembles the work of anti pain morphine in the brain, but without any relation to the receptor opioat. Communicative power and mobility decreases so That Pls using a motor vehicle may pose a hazard.

Form of marijuana:

      Wet leaves, pointy-Fingered odd (5,7,9, etc.)
      In the form of chopped dried leaves

How to use marijuana:

      Such as rolling cigarettes, smoked and Eaten
      Hemp oil can be smeared on a regular cigarette

Other pharmacological properties, ESPECIALLY in the CNS and cardiovascular systems, Among others:

      Defusing CNS
 To the heart: its beginnings tachycardia (rapid heart beat), after long use of it bradykardi (slow heart beat) with a reduction in blood pressure
 To the eye: a Decrease in pressure in the Eyeball and the conjunctival vessel dilation
 Against the exchange of substances: arouse your appetite, ESPECIALLY sweet foods

Symptoms That Appear on cannabis:

      Eyes swollen and red bags
      blank Mind
      Difficult to think / concentrate
      The feeling of being excited
      Laughing for no reason
      Blurred vision
      Always sleep
      Big appetite
      Dry mouth
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Danger of Marijuana Abuse
Danger of Marijuana Abuse
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