5 Reason to Stop Using Heroin

Over 17 years ago, I was placed in a shell of a truck camper drop, putting a piece of tar heroin inside a makeshift stove glass lid, sprinkle a little water in it from my syringe and ready cook it. I tied off so that I could get ready a vein, and then I did! I'm an addict, and I have a heroin addiction. I do not know how to stop using, and this is what you have for the rest of my life! I had the most terrible feeling in my gut about what brought me in this situation, and what I became. At that moment, without thinking May, I broke a piece more than opiates dropped it in my stove, boiled it, chewed a piece of filter cigarette, dropped it in stove, made of liquid brown with my syringe, made of blood, and proceeded to push the plunger.
When I returned, I was dropped over on my side, and confused. I know what happened to me. I tried to get up, but I could not lift my right arm. I turned my head and saw the syringe stuck in my arm, and still tied off. Then I did the second time, what we tried to do. I made a poor attempt to take my life, but in the process, I overdosed, not all opiates to inject my arm. I pulled the syringe from my arm, threw it, I untied, and sat there with tears in his eyes.

I think about my addiction to heroin passed from time to time when life throws me a curve ball, and I feel sorry for me, or sitting on the pot mercy. I wake up, remind me how precious life has become for me, and how much I want to live. I have many good reasons why I had to stop my use. I normally do not reveal my past public personal life heroin addiction, and how hard it was to stop using, but I felt that I needed to share a small part of it, and if the way addiction took me. There is much more to my story, and there is also another way that staying clean from drugs I took, and I prefer that way much better! Heroin addiction is not part of my life in May, and I was clean for 17 years great!

If you search, you can find much material on heroin addiction, how to stop using. and treatment. My focus now is about heroin addiction, and why should stop. I learned through research that most inmates in U.S. prisons are there for drug or drug charges, and that is amazing! We are not winning the war on drugs in America, and the drug problem is growing at an alarming rate!

You do not wake up one morning and decide that when they grow up, you want to be an addict. It does not work that way! There are many factors that can lead to life of heroin addiction, and once involved, very difficult to stop using.

Heroin addiction is the addict's family shame, and if you are a dependent in a relationship, it is the frustration of your partner. All those who are directly or indirectly in contact with the addict is affected. A mother does not carry the baby in her womb for 9 months and at birth, fed, clothed, and loved her child so her child will grow up to become a drug addict! If you become addicted to heroin in a relationship, your partner would not have been the altar, and say that we do if your partner knew you'd be an addict, and provide a life of misery for him or it, and you, as it will become difficult to stop using.

I feel for heroin addiction, family, loved ones, children, and friends. From time to time, heard addicts say, "I am not wrong anyone, I just hurt me." If you were clean, you would cringe at what you said because you understand how each is affected by your heroin addiction! I want to give you five reasons why heroin addict is up against if he or she can not stop using, and is not a pretty picture!

1. Heroin addiction is escalating

It was reported that the use of opioids in the United States increased by about 20%. Approximately 1 in 3 will experience heroin addicts overdose, and about 1% of the heroin overdoses lead to death.

2. The disease is increasing

Approximately one third of intravenous addicts will contract HIV, hepatitis B or C, due to risk factors such as sharing needles and unprotected sex among users.

3. Pregnant opioid dependent women

Use of opioids during pregnancy also increased the chance of premature birth and the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

4. Incarceration rate is rising prison

It was reported that approximately 70% of U.S. prisoners are in prison for drug charges or drug use. It was also estimated that approximately 80% of prisoners in U.S. had a history of substance abuse in the past.

5. Relapse rate among drug users in prison

It was reported that approximately 40% will go back to prison because of drug violations or drug use.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, if you're a heroin addict, and you can not stop. How about your family, children, spouse or life partner? Have you thought about heroin addiction was not going to affect? Think about it, you already know what the end of the road shows that if you stop taking opiates. Now it's time to give some thought real, and figure out what kind of treatment can work for you!

I was in your shoes at one time, and I know how difficult it is to follow the treatment for heroin addiction, and trying to stay clean. It is not easy, but can be done. I am living proof, along with several thousand that you can stop using heroin. You can be helped, and your life can change. Nobody can decide treatment for you. It must come from you. Want to stop? There is only one day to another, live!

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5 Reason to Stop Using Heroin
5 Reason to Stop Using Heroin
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